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Welcome to Student Israelity

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

When you attend one of the most politically active schools in the country, everything is debated, contested, advocated for or argued against. One of the most discussed topics on our campus is Israel. Upwards of ten Israel related clubs and organizations exist on campus, and each promotes its own opinions and perspectives on the multifaceted dynamics of this small country.

What if there was a place where these students could engage in civil discourse, regardless of an individual’s religious, political, or cultural makeup? From this idea, Student Israelity was born: an unbiased, non-partisan, and student-run and operated blog sponsored by the Center for Israel Studies.

Israel is a challenging, but crucial, area of interest for many. The only way to resolve its issues through discussing them. So, discuss! Defend your arguments with facts while also understanding a situation from another’s perspective. Engage in interpersonal dialogue with someone from a completely different background and viewpoint. Write about an experience in Israel that instilled a particular value or outlook within you. Photograph and cover a panel debating Israel’s political structure and implementation. Create a cooking documentary on Israeli food that when you smell, you are taken back to its cobblestone streets. Explore whatever Israel-related topic inspires you.

As co-managers of Student Israelity, we hope this blog can be that space for the students of American University: a space to reflect on, engage with, and contribute to the dialogue of Israel.

We can’t wait to hear from you,

Sophie and Jess

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