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Welcome Back to Another Semester of Israel Education

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Announcement by Student Israelity

In October 2017, Sophie Levy and Jessica Horst launched Student Israelity: an unbiased, non-partisan, and completely student-run blog dedicated to Israel.

When you attend one of the most politically active schools in the country, everything is debated, contested, advocated for or argued against. Israel is a challenging, but crucial, area of interest for many, and one of the most discussed topics at American University. Upwards of ten Israel-related clubs and organizations exist on campus, and each promotes its own opinions and perspectives on the multifaceted dynamics of this small nation. Student Israelity was founded to provide a space where these students can engage in civil discourse, regardless of an individual’s religious, political, or cultural makeup, and to share their voice on a safe platform.

Sponsored by the American University Center for Israel Studies, the blog is grateful to the organization for not only funding operation, but also providing access to outstanding academics, politicians, scholars, authors, and speakers with diverse experiences and opinions on Israel to interview and report on at events. “As a place, Israel reflects its geography and history. The country is at one and the same time Middle Eastern and European, a Jewish state and a home to many religions,” states the Center for Israel Studies, “At times in harmony but also at times in tension, these diverse influences define Israel.” Continuously progressing, Israel is an intriguing place to learn about. We are so proud to have Student Israelity as a place dedicated to help facilitate Israel education.

First published in October 2017 on Edspace, Student Israelity quickly outgrew the platform’s media capacity and was transferred to its permanent home here at which is powered by the Israeli cloud-based web development start-up, Exceeding expectations in more ways than one, Student Israelity has over 2,000 unique views composed of about 1,750 viewers in the United States and the remaining views shared between 41 other countries. Most international views are from Israel, India, Spain, and Germany.

We hope this blog will always continue to grow as a safe space for students to reflect on, engage with, and contribute to the dialogue of Israel.

The Student Israelity Team

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