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Travel Israel this Summer on Hasbara Fellowships

Announcement by Hasbara Fellow Jessica Horst

So, you decided it’s finally time to visit Israel, the country you’ve been an advocate for on campus. Looking for a program can be overwhelming so take your time to research programs and select one that fits your interests best. There are tours of Israel, Jewish and Christian faith trips, outdoors programs, internships and more. For engaged students looking for a comprehensive and immersive academic program, I highly recommend Hasbara Fellowships. Whether you’re a first-time traveler pr a returning visitor, Hasbara Fellowships offer an incredible 16-day program for college students to travel through Israel studying the national history, social discourse and contemporary conflicts.

Over the course of the program, students tour the Syrian and Gaza borders, historical landmarks and Palestinian towns. During the visit, students also get a chance to visit Israeli humanitarian organizations, government offices, hi-tech companies, and meet some of the social leaders working towards a bright future for the nation. Aside from touring the country, Hasbara Fellowships train students in social media strategy, management practices, and sponsors diverse lectures from Israeli academics, diplomats, military personnel, religious leaders, journalists and more.

A leading pro-Israel campus activism organization, the program brings hundreds of students to Israel every year. Active in Canada as well, the program connects college students with a network of international colleagues and friendships to provide personal support when returning to campus. So far, Hasbara Fellowships have educated more than 3,000 students from roughly 250 universities. Part of the program is also designed to develop students skills to be leaders on campus, create strategic impact plans and communicate about Israel effectively.

After completing the program, Hasbara Fellows have access to organizational support back on campus. Hasbara regional advisors offer assistance with administrative practices and give suggestions for student organization success. Grants are also offered to sponsor student events on campus, bring Israel campaigns to campus, and co-sponsor events with other groups.

Accepting applications throughout the year, Hasbara Fellowships is now accepting applicants for their Summer 2019 Israel program. Apply here!

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