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Student Israelity Returns to Campus!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Welcome to the second year of Student Israelity! We are so happy to begin another year of insightful articles, honest opinions, and intriguing conversations! Completely student-run, we are excited to share our peers’ work, student-created Israel related content including research papers, creative writing, experience reflections, reviews, current events articles and opinion editorials. Same as last year, new blog posts will be uploaded every Monday and Friday at 9 AM. To explore your favorite Israel topics offline, join us for a Center for Israel Studies event at AU this semester!

Israel has been a hot conversation topic around the world for years. With so many passionate opinions and personal perspectives, it can often feel overwhelming and intimidating to even bring up the subject! Here at American University, one of the most politically active universities in the country, Israel is one of the most discussed topics on our campus with upwards of ten Israel-related clubs and organizations. While Israel may be a challenging subject to bring up, talking about controversies is crucial.

“As a place, Israel reflects its geography and history. The country is at one and the same time Middle Eastern and European, a Jewish state and a home to many religions,” states the Center for Israel Studies, “At times in harmony but also at times in tension, these diverse influences define Israel.” Continuously progressing, Israel is an intriguing place to learn about. We are so proud to have Student Israelity as a place dedicated to help facilitate that learning.

Student Israelity is meant to be a platform where students can engage in civil discourse, regardless of an individual’s religious, political, or cultural makeup. It is an unbiased, non-partisan, student-run and operated blog that is meant to help foster healthy discussions about Israel, share fun cultural stories, and spotlight Israeli innovations. While introducing an assortment of new articles, this semester we are particularly encouraging students to submit articles in response to current events. We encourage you to submit pieces no matter your opinion or perspective! For submissions or topic requests, contact our team!

We hope you have a great semester at AU and can’t wait to hear from you!

Student Israelity Team

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