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A Statement from Student Israelity Regarding Yesterday's Incident

From the Student Israelity Editorial Board

First, we would like to wish you l’Shana Tovah, a happy start to the new year; and we hope that the recent events have not impeded your traditions, rituals, and festivities.

In regard to last night’s events, Student Israelity would like to strongly condemn the actions that have unfolded. We strongly urge American University’s campus administration to fully investigate these actions to ensure that those who wished to target such a monumental holiday are identified and held accountable to the fullest extent.

Regardless of this antisemitic action, we at Student Israelity proudly stand with other student organizations in order to combat all forms of antisemitism and other forms of racism, wherever it may be. As we begin a new year, we must not let an act of this sort keep us from our work and our joy.


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