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About the Center for Israel Studies​

AU's Center for Israel Studies (CIS) is a nationally known pioneer in the growing academic field of Israel Studies. A leader in the field, CIS takes a multi-disciplinary approach, going beyond the Arab-Israeli conflict, to study modern Israel's history, vibrant society, culture, multiethnic democracy, and complex geopolitical challenges. The center sponsors frequent public programs, including conferences, discussions, lecture series, performances and exhibits, in addition to the Minor in Israel Studies. Sponsored by CIS, Student Israelity is grateful to the organization for providing our student team and peers on campus with access to outstanding academics, politicians, scholars, authors, and speakers with diverse experiences and opinions on Israel.


“As a place, Israel reflects its geography and history. The country is at one and the same time Middle Eastern and European, a Jewish state and a home to many religions. At times in harmony but also at times in tension, these diverse cultural influences define Israel. As a place, Israel has also been shaped by its particular topography and ecology. These challenges have sparked Israeli pioneers in the sciences and social sciences. The Center for Israel Studies at American University was created to study, examine, and interpret the rich landscape of Israel as a nation and a people.”

Dedication from Shimon Peres

"Let me congratulate American University on your creation of a Center for Israel Studies. It is a timely and imaginative initiative in exploring Israel's many contributions to human dignity and progress in our country's 50 years of existence. You will help to bring together Israeli and American scholars, writers, artists, and scientists to share their knowledge and face the challenges of the new global era. This is a commendable idea and worthy of the widest support." 


—Shimon Peres, former prime minister and president of Israel, giving a speech at AU's commencement after receiving an honorary doctorate.

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