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About Us

Student Israelity is a completely student-run blog composed of both undergraduate and graduate students attending American University who manage the website, proofread content, guide authors through an editing process, and write their own articles. The blog features Israel-related content including but not limited to: opinion editorials, event summaries, research papers, creative writings, reviews, recipes, videos, and more.


Student Israelity is the brainchild of faculty mentor Guy Ziv, whose idea it was to found a student-run blog focused on Israel. In October 2017, he collaborated with AU students Sophie Levy and Jessica Horst to launch Student Israelity, an unbiased, non-partisan site dedicated to Israel education.


When you attend one of the most politically active schools in the country, everything is debated, contested, advocated for or argued against. Israel is a challenging, but crucial, area of interest for many, and one of the most discussed topics at American University. Upwards of ten Israel-related clubs and organizations exist on campus, and each promotes its own opinions and perspectives on the multifaceted dynamics of this small nation. Student Israelity was founded to provide a space where these students can engage in civil discourse, regardless of an individual’s religious, political, or cultural makeup, and to share their voice on a safe platform.


Ideas presented in student Opinion Editorials do not represent the views of the AU Center for Israel Studies.

These views are representative only of the author's opinion.

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